Winter Blues: Renewing Your Energy for Full Creativity

If you live in a country that is going through some sort of deep freeze, or one where the sun stops shining for 4-5 months, you’d know a creative can often get slip on some black ice and fall into a creative hold. At least, this applies to me – and often.

Whether you’re going through this winter rut, or simply going through a massive campaign, the ability to manage your energy is one of the most overlooked facets of a creative’s life. This is a reminder that your mind, your body and your energy is creative power.

So how do you renew your energy? Here’s a few simple tips to get by.

1. Declutter:¬†Mind, Body & Space. There’s a reason why terms like “Spring Cleaning” are so popular – it’s to declutter your physical space and start fresh. But instead of keeping this idea simply to space, apply it to both your physical body and mental physche.

2. Watch What You Eat: We tend to eat richer food in the winter that often drains our energy, so watch your sugar and sodium intake – yes, this makes a difference. We also tend to hydrate less, and despite turning to things like hot chocolate or that second latte, make sure you’re drinking enough water.

3. Get A Vitamin Regime:¬†Assuming you eat well, you’re one step ahead of the game when it comes to a vitamin regime – but that doesn’t mean you’re immune. Stocking up on Vitamin D in the winter is clutch, as well as your regulars like Omega 3 and B12.

4. Exercise: This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but exercising is one of the quickest ways to get a boost in energy and raise your endorphin levels. Whether you’re dancing to a new favourite album or listening to a podcast on the treadmill, as little as 20 minutes will get your juices bouncing.

5. Treat Yourself: Whether you’re buying a new notebook, lens, paintbrushes etc. – whatever medium it is that you create, buy something. Use it. Regroup. Create.

And whatever you do, just remember that summer is around the corner… right?