Prism Prize Announces Top 20 Long-List Canadian Videos

To go hand in hand with the Juno announcements, Prism Prize, which honours the best in Canadian music videos and its production, have announced their long-list of nominees. Dictated by a 120-person jury made up of industry professionals who seek the best of the best in creativity, originality, innovation, effective execution, the award winner would receive $15K and a screening at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto.

Check out a few of the nominees, including Jazz Cartier and Kaytranada, before they announce their short list of 10 videos on Tuesday, March 28th.

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Last Call: Submissions Wanted for CMW’s ‘Live Music Industry Awards’

[TORONTO] – With just 48 hours left until the deadline, Canadian Music Week 2017 and Music Canada Live are looking for artists to perform during the Live Music Industry Awards (LMIA), as well as during their Live Music Summit programming.

“Last year the first-ever LMIA’S proved beyond a doubt that we have much to celebrate, by acknowledging live incredible contributions to the industry. This year, we continue to shine a spotlight on this passionate and dedicated community – one that works tirelessy to put artists and fans together. This effort is at the heart of what Music Canada Live is about, and we are thrilled to co-present the second annual LMIA’s in 2017 with CMW on behalf of our members and Canada’s live music industry.” – Erin Benjamin, Executive Director

Submissions will go live online on February 15th, and will be a voting process. For more information and to apply, click here.

The JUNOs Announce 2017 Nominees

With just a few months left until the 2017 Juno Awards take place on April 2nd in Ottawa, the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences have announced their full list of nominees.

While a few Juno vets resurfaced, including Drake, Shawn Mendes, A Tribe Called Red and The Weeknd, it’s the newcomers who are making a splash this year. Tory Lanez, Jazz Cartier, Tasha The Amazon, Daniel Caesar, DVSN (+ Nineteen85 with an individual nom) and Kaytranada a just a few of the new artists being nominated.
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The City of Toronto Issues a Statement Regarding Music Venue Protection

In the past few months, Toronto has seen a few sic venues closing, including The Hoxton and long-standing venues like Hugh’s Room and the Silver Dollar. In light of these recent closures, the city has teamed up with the Toronto Music Advisory Council to address things like music venue protection in an economy that doesn’t always favour the music industry in our city. With the next meeting taking place February 13th, it’s important to voice your opinions and concerns, as well as ideas, and can do so by sending an email to

“City of Toronto elected officials and staff have been constantly looking at strategies and actions that might be taken to help our music venues and the musicians and wider communities they support. 

Read the full statement on behalf of the city and TMAC after the break.
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Winter Blues: Renewing Your Energy for Full Creativity

If you live in a country that is going through some sort of deep freeze, or one where the sun stops shining for 4-5 months, you’d know a creative can often get slip on some black ice and fall into a creative hold. At least, this applies to me – and often.

Whether you’re going through this winter rut, or simply going through a massive campaign, the ability to manage your energy is one of the most overlooked facets of a creative’s life. This is a reminder that your mind, your body and your energy is creative power.

So how do you renew your energy? Here’s a few simple tips to get by.

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Call for Submissions: CIMA Is Looking For Hip-Hop/R&B Submissions for New Skool Rules Showcase

[NETHERLANDS] – Once again, CIMA will be taking a group of Canadian artists over to Rotterdam, Netherlands, for a Canadian Blast showcase during New Skool Rules.

“New Skool Rules, a three-day international conference which includes seminars, showcases, B2B events and more will celebrates its fifth edition in 2017. New Skool Rules is the largest international Hip Hop and R&B music conference in the world. During its 4th edition, industry professionals from 27 difference countries came to network, share experiences and showcase. Held bi-annually in the past, from 2017 onward New Skool Rules will take place annually.” Continue reading “Call for Submissions: CIMA Is Looking For Hip-Hop/R&B Submissions for New Skool Rules Showcase”

FACTOR Canada Releases Specialized Information for Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dancehall & More

Sometimes it can be daunting to navigate through grants and grant programs, and more often than not, there’s a disconnect between “alternative” genres like hip-hop and electronic, and how to apply. To kick off the year properly, FACTOR has published a document that highlights some things you may come across, including clearing samples, DJ roles and more.

If you’re a Canadian artist, take some time to review this document – but please don’t use it as your only FACTOR source. The website itself hosts plenty of information.